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MTA Metro-North Reduced Fare for Some People with a Disability

Example of Disability Reduced Fare MetroCard

If you live in Connecticut or New York and you feel you have a Disability, you cannot work or drive, however, you need to be on the train.  MTA Metro-North offers a Reduced Fare Disability Card both on their mainline from New Haven to Grand Central Terminal along with their 5 branch lines, as well as the LIRR.  It is not for everyone and your doctor will have to fill out a form for you to submit.  You must also go to someplace like a drug store and get a passport photo to be submitted with the form.  In “some”, however, “not all” cases you will be approved for discounted fares.  The same card will get you a reduced fare on New York City buses and Subways.  It “might” even be honored on the other Connecticut Train Lines, or Amtrak.  Here in Connecticut, many busses will honor that card, however, some cities and towns require you get a Disability Reduced Fare card from that city or town's transportation system.  Back to Metro-North, for more information, call (718) 330-1234 or click here to download the form.

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