Blood Donation

Eligibility Requirements can be viewed by clicking on the link below.​

The Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate Foundation joined with the Connecticut Chapter of the American Red Cross in 2013. We decided to help by sponsoring Blood Drives, we average six or more each year. Two of them are large, they are Battle of the Badges. This is a friendly competition where one team – Milford’s Bravest or Milford’s Finest - will receive “bragging rights.”  The other is our Mega Blood Drive. Both are ten- and one-half hours.


The 2022 Battle of the Badges was extra special for two reasons.


First, it was our forty-eighth Blood Drive. Second, besides the friendly competition, it addressed the fact our Organization’s Blood Drives reached the 300-Gallon mark. Bob Fiore received Proclamations and Awards from US Senator Richard Blumenthal and Mayor of Milford Ben Blake. He also received an Official Citation from the State of Connecticut General Assembly, it was presented to Bob by State Senator James Maroney and State Representative Kathy Kennedy, who both Donated the “Gift of Life,” and Bob never expected any of this. His goal for this year’s Battle of the Badges was to collect 90 pints of Blood, and he collected 93 pints of Blood.  Now, this friendly competition is a tie, Milford’s Finest-2, Milford’s Bravest-2, so next year will be interesting.

Here are some common questions:


Can people with Epilepsy give blood?  Believe it or not, some of us can.  Here are the guidelines from the American Red Cross.


You have to be seizure-free for a  minimum of two years.  Ask your regular doctor and your neurologist if they feel it is safe for you to do so.  If they give you the OK, contact the American Red Cross at this special number:  (866) 236-3276.  Why?   Because, there are other questions, and the biggest one is:  What medications are you on.


Can people with other medical conditions give blood?   Just ask your regular doctor and your specialist to see if they feel it is safe for you to do so.  If they give you the OK, contact the American Red Cross at this special number:  (866) 236-3276.


If you cannot donate, that is OK, so please ask family members or friends who can donate.

Remember to raise your Iron Level a minimum of Four Days Before Every Blood Drive by having eggs including omelets, Flintstone Vitamins, Red Meat, Seafood, 18 Oreo cookies, Welch’s Grape Juice, Root Beer Soda, Whole milk.  On the day you donate be sure to eat a full meal and be hydrated.


Please register now by calling (800) RED-CROSS or go online at 


You can also download the app by texting BLOODAPP to 90999.


The  American Red Cross looks forward to welcoming hundreds of blood donors each day along with family and friends to participate in a chance to make a difference in the lives of others by donating blood.  The need for blood does not take a vacation.




Please remember: "The need is constant. The gratification is instant. Give Blood." (TM)

Please click on the link below to make an appointment to donate blood today.​

The Blood Donation from News 8’s Alyssa Taglia brought Bob’s Blood Drives to the 300-Gallon mark of Blood collected. Jay Raven from 99.9-FM was also there, and Caren Pinto from News 12 Connecticut interviewed Bob. Did you know those 300-gallons are 2,400 pints of Blood that went to 7,200 people?​

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